These first shows will Explore the Possibilities…available right here…right now…to take Actions Intended to place us into a Flow of Life and Consciousness never known before. It is Empowering to Experience these Possibilities within us as they take place at both the physical and metaphysical levels of Existence. It’s a Way of Living…of Being…in our Everyday Lives that makes our day to day World into an Enchanting, Mysterious Movement that is…a Second Genesis Birth. This Series of radio shows will answer questions you’ve always Wondered…it will bring the Beginnings of a Peace you’ve known was Possible but could not quite Grasp and Own…until NOW!  


Second Genesis Awakening Show #1

Your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt…interviews adam’t gardener…Whole Food & Whole Herb Medicine Man…

The Human Accelerator Radio Show #1

Whole Food & Whole Herb Medicine Man, adam’t gardener talks about this Second Genesis Awakening Age and how we can all Leap Frog over the western models for nutrition and health into an Ancient yet Profound Level of Human Unfolding…

Second Genesis Awakening #2

Your Host…Debara Bruhn Towt gets “put on the hot-seat” as she becomes the Interviewed. Our Elder Medicine Man, Adam’t…steps in to be our Host, getting Debara to Share a few of her Thoughts and Stories.

The Human Accelerator Show #2

Whole Food, Whole Herb Medicine Man…Adam’t Gardener takes the Listener on a Journey into how human cells “Go Rogue”… become cancerous. You’ve gotta hear this one for sure…

Second Genesis Awakenings #3

Here’s a great show from our Most Revered Gardener…Susan Whiting. We’ve been eating out of their Garden now for over three years. Wow, raw corn…strip it and eat right there in the Garden. Organic is Everything…

The Human Accelerator Show #3

On this weeks’ Show adam’t Explores Thoughts about what could be our Motivation…Driving our Passion…to Live a Second Genesis Life and Times…

Second Genesis Awakening Show #4

Debara Bruhn Towt & Whole Food, Whole Herb Medicine Man…Adam’t Gardener Share a Second Genesis Awakenings Story of how a 2G Life has Changing Perspective’s…

Second Genesis Awakening Show #5

Here come’s another Acceleration…of Heart/Mind & Soul…

Second Genesis Awakening Show #6

What is the Foundation for Creating Sustainable Thoughts…Hope that is not in Vain but Innate to our very Genetic’s. Come Explore the World of Epigenetic’s as Adam’t Gardener Shares Insights…
More Radio Shows just ahead…

In the drop down menu for the Radio tab above you’ll find lots of info on the guests that have been on the Second Genesis Awakening radio show on DreamVision7 Radio Network. Head on over to hear their Stories in an mp3 format. Hope you enjoy…See ya there!





The Truth of this Age ~   The Second Genesis Awakenings Radio ~  You can now listen below to  the 1st installment in our four part series covering this January 2019 Issue of National Geographic titled, “The Future of Medicine where Adam’t shares 

Commentator and Narrator for this one hour Ride on what he calls…The Human Accelerator™ Author of two books, writer & producer of t.h.a.BE. movie, visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Food’s Whole Herb Medicine Man)  as we  converse  about …Our passion here at Americas Medicine Wheels™… which is all about bringing forward the Truth of this Age… that we can live a life free of sickness and disease all the days of our Human Walk.  It’s Genetically Wired to be so by Mother Nature…and it is through the Power of Epigenetic’s each of us may Stimulate an Abundance of Immunity, Vitality, Joy, etc. through simple changes in our lifestyles and diets.  How …. It’s all Automatic… for this hour,  Adam and I look  at the new 



January’s 2019 issue of  National Geographic which is titled…”The Future of Medicine…how new technologies and ancient remedies are transforming health care.














This 1st  Living Segment 


    Starting Year 2020 …  


Debara and I were doing some deep house cleaning a couple months ago. we had boxes of this and that and in the bottom of one filled with clippings from whatever was this “cartoon” drawing that dates all the way back to, I think the late 1980’s. It’s just amazing to me…the names of the drugs may have changed over the years but the Intent is still here. When will we Awaken to our awful state of Suffering’s and Lamentation we are in…and Truthfully… GET OFF DRUGS, AMERICA!!!





Every time YOU EAT or DRINK

you are

either Feeding Disease or Building Immunity

We have a rare moment  on this episode  with Adam’t in house .. Sharing with us his experiences with white Refined Sugar  as we are moving into October and November & December  with this   Covid  19  Pandemic Crisis … Adam’t shares with us the simple science & the Good News of  living a life free of sickness and Disease ….  Adam has lived a lifestyle for over 30 years an Debara now for almost 20 years 100%  on organically grown 100% Plant Based living out of the garden eating  (No dairy no meat no eggs no animal products ), that is different than the standard American diet at the end of the show Debara shares some fun healthy treats, a family Recipe Adam shared with her when Debara had friends over for the holidays …

Raw Organic Walnut Truffles

Ingredients : Pitted dates 1 1/2 cup ~ Walnuts 1 1/2  finely chopped Coconut 1 cup ~ 1 teaspoon of Vanilla  We Sometimes add some powered Cocoa ~ to your taste or liking  1/2 cup ~ ( which is dried & fully fermented  seed of  Theobroma Caco,  from which  is a Coco solids ( mixture of nonfat substances) & Cocoa butter the fat can be extracted) We mix them up with are hand …. Fun for the Kids and family.. You might like to make two batches … because you can eat as soon as  you have made  them .. This treat is fun through the holiday’s … Enjoy anytime ...




Ramblings from Debara   

          Podcasting Boston worldwide Syndicated

The Second Genesis Awakening hr Living a Life free from Sickness and Disease

I live my life in Consciousness …

News about Boosting Out of the Second Genesis Transformation: Passage to Spontaneous  Regeneration by … By Adam’t GardnerPreface page 9… There are many life

phenomena in our modern age that deserve more attention than we are giving them … Chapter 8 … Page 232 … Keeping “mountains” of  information

simple … the “Stand Back” Perspective … It may seem overwhelming but living the truth of life is fundamentally simple & joyful ….. Common Heath 

Conditions Related to Obesity







HOPE HEALTH HAPPINESS =  Harmony Series   

New episode :   Debara welcomes to the hour

 The Human Accelerator™

~ Author of two books, writer & visionary of America’s Medicine Wheels and a Whole Foods Whole Herb Medicine Man…who has been living on a 100% plant based diet for over 30 years. His Knowledge and Wisdom is a Bridge Connecting two islands of Human Reality. Debara’s Best friend and eternal partner  ~

Adam’t Gardener who joins us on this new edition to share with us his journey & findings from  living from a Organic Living Plant based diet .. the beauty of knowing how to take care of ourselves ….

The Lymphatic system ~ Why is so important in fighting viruses in our bodies . The Immune Response is a primary function of the lymphatic system & Why eating 80% alkaline~ and non-mucus forming foods the joy of drinking fresh squeezed juices in our everyday Lives, Organic Roman lettuce ~ Apples ~ Parsley ~ Carrots ~ ginger and some lemon …  how it is sustaining in giving our bodies a dose of peace &  wellbeing with every bite!   A REGENERATIVE  Action from sickness and disease  into a  life filled with Spontaneous Regeneration of health…. 

Thanks for your downloading our podcast’s  ..

This recording had a few techincal clicks in the recording ….   We got everything worked out for the sound ….. You Can Listen Here:





April 2021

 The Human Accelerator™ Adam’t Gardener 

 Living a life Free of Sickness and disease .. A life of joy that is possible and do~able  …. 


“If you are asking yourself these questions and find yourself fatigued with symptoms of memory loss, blurry eyes from covid recovery. 

If you are finding your hair is falling out like many around the world as two dear friends of Debara asked these questions for all of us, on this episode.. 

 Debara turns this hour ‘s broadcast over to Adam’t who shares his recent sobering heartfelt encouraging thoughts and experiences of his journey back to health … 

This show is for you!  Have a pen and paper ready you might find you want to take notes . ”  Host  Debara Bruhn Towt …


Come take the Plant based Challenge 

with Adamt and family ….

Staying at home as they share with us all,

Adam’s thoughts & Debara will be sharing  a guided meditation for peace in your day to day …  Join us on our  day to day life style of  living on a Organic Plant Based Diet 

during the worldwide pandemic  …

News about Boosting your immune  &  DNA

the importance on focusing on healthy Cells 

Sustaining wellness through tough times 

Staying home  … God Bless you


 International Day of Peace

Being  Present  ~  Healing from PSTD International Day of Peace 
Being Alive  Being in Gratitude  Debara Shares a couple song’s of Music C.D….  


  Debara Shares with us her Lifestyle & her journey into Second Genesis Birth and Resurrection into Life. Living for over two decades from only an organic plant based diet and lifestyle, she has found a Way of Being that is easily Integrated into any busy life and lifestyle that Delivers a person into a New Reality filled with Possibilities in every Moment.  Yes,  Music Healings & Food Heals ..   Laughter Heals ..  “Love Always Prevails.” … as her husband and best friend Adam’t say’s … “Divine Love Heals…. It is the glue You Can Listen online, mobile, in cars with Bluetooth and through Amazon’s Echo by asking “Alexa play Dream visions 7 Radio Network” Apart of Our SustainabilityRegeneration Green Platform Shows 


10-19-20 Discovering Writing Technique and Tips for Virtual Family Thanksgiving for the Kids including Recipes

Debara welcomes you to join with her as she shares a songversation a tribute to you and the power of music … The Power of  I AM 

A song I AM SO BLESSED  (by singer songwriter Karen Drucker)

In this episode Debara invites you on your own journey of discovering a technique she invites or gives you an assignment…  A tool that works for her which is sharing … A Handwriting journey where you write with your own hand …I am Blessed … I am healthy, I am Happy etc … as she shares the science behind what handwriting activates and how handwriting increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain, similar to meditation. … And high-tech magnetic resonance imaging has indeed shown that low-tech writing by hand increases neural activity in certain sections of the brain and shares more about the activity in the parietal cortex, an area of the brain involved in awareness of self … your spiritual connection …   

The second part there is a meditation for you … to release stress.
What’s happening with Adam’t … Why eat only and Grow Organic … Their Journeys. Tips for Virtual Family Thanksgiving for the kids

Thanksgiving Treat Recipes  ~ All Organic ..experience for yourself with your body.

Dixie Salad 
2-3 Cups pomegranates
2 Cups apples-chopped
3-4 bananas-sliced and diced
1-2 bunches of red grapes

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Let sit in refrigerator while you make cream

Cashew cream 
2 cups cashews
11/4 cups water
Dash of organic sea salt
1/4 -1/3 cup agave nectar
1 tsp. Vanilla

Put cashew and water in a blender. Mix at high speed until creamy
Add the last 3 ingredients. Blend some more . Fold fruit into cream

Mashed “Potatoes and Creamy Dressing 
Potatoes are boiled at threshold energy 42 Degrees
(Why do we eat this way?
(Eating cooked food is eating dead food. That will make you feel heavy and tired. Live food has live energyIt will give you energySimply put. A raw seed will grow, a cooked seed won’t) Cooking ~ Destroys the life force)

Boil your potatoes on the stove for about 3 to 4 minutes that comes to 42 degrees Threshold energy .. add water if you like
Blend … (We use a Juicer) at medium speed in a Blender …now it is ready to put in

Debara’s Divine Dressing
In a blender add 21/2 cup water
juice 2-3 small lemons .. Juiced
Dice up 1/2 Onions
1 to 2 Tbsps. Ginger
add flavor Tbsp. mustard

Blend it all up in Blender at high speed
with a coffee grinder or grinder
Chop up 3 times 1/4Cup sesame seeds
Put in a bowl
Chop up 3 times 1/4Cup Pumpkin seeds
(we wash all are seeds and let them dry) and keep ready to use
1/4 to 1/2 cup Raw Organic raw organic turbinado sugar
Put them in your water mix and blend them all together ~ medium speed

Organic Raw Pumpkin Pie 
4 yams (medium to small) Peeled
1 cup dates
1/2 cup or more to your taste. Add Raw Organic raw organic turbinado sugar
1tsp Vanilla
1tsp. cinnamon
2tsp. Pumpkin spice
1/4tsp. nutmeg

Cut yams into pieces small enough to fit into your juicer
Run the yams and dates through your juicer with the blank plate on.
Add the rest of your Juicer plate on.
Add the rest of your ingredients. Pour evenly into the crust. Top with fresh shredded coconut and slices strawberries or berries to your taste.

Tastes like Pumpkin Pie 
4 cups Carrots
3/4 cups almonds, Soaked 12-48 hours
1/2 cup walnuts, soaked 6 hours
1 1/2 cup dates
1tsp Cinnamon
1tsp. Ginger
1/4tsp. Cloves

    1. Process Carrots, almonds, walnuts and dates though the juicer blank blade… Mix well.  Press firmly into a 9 inch or 10 inch pie plate and refrigerate until firm …



June into July’s podcast



Adam’t joins the Chorus of Voices once again…offering Insights into specific plant medicines we can all make at home…buy ingredients in our local markets, etc. What makes this Show most interesting is the Sources from which some of the Idea’s have come…even out of Western Medicine Model of  “Health Care”.

FINDING TRUTHS WHEREVER THEY COME FROM will take you on one more Journey into the day to day, Second Genesis Life & Times of Adam’t and Family. At the end of the Show, adam’t Shares some Insights into how to satisfy our ligering Hungers’ for a hot cooked meal…something we all face when Shifting to our Divine Diets and Lifestyles. Simple and to the Point, this is a Show you will want to hear and apply It’s Wisdom in your Lives.

Super Cayenne & Oil Formula

10 oz. of fresh squeezed lemon juice (takes approximately 7 small lemons)10 Dash’s (1/8 tsp.) of Cayenne Pepper

  2 heaping Tbps. of Honey

  5 Tbps. of Olive Oil

  5 Tbps. of Wheat Germ Oil

Do your best to make all the ingredients organic…that way it is as free of manmade mess’s as is possible. 




1. Juice lemons and place in a small measuring cup filling to 10 oz.

2. Add 2 Tbp. of honey to a mixing cup with 1 Tbp. of lemon juice in the bottom. Stir lemon juice into honey. (I like to smear olive oil onto measuring spoon)

3. Add 1 more Tbp. of lemon juice and mix thoroughly. Repeat until 4 additional Tbps. of juice have been added to the honey, making sure it is well mixed. Set aside for a moment.

4. Place 5 oz. of lemon juice in a 16 oz. shaker jar with a lid. Add 5 Dash’s of Cayenne and shake, then add an additional 5 Dash’s of Cayenne and again shake. Into this you will then add the lemon & honey solution plus any remaining lemon juice.

5. Measure 5 Tbps. of Olive Oil and 5 Tbps. of Wheat Germ Oil, pouring into the 16 oz shaker glass.

6. Attach lid and shake. 

7. Place inside a refrigerator and take a half oz. (1 Tbp.) twice a day just before your meals.


This completes the Super Cayenne & Oil Formula. I like to use a 1 oz. shot glass for taking each dosage. It is much easier to take. The key ratio in this formula is 10 Cayenne Dash’s to 10 Tbps. of oil. If you don’t have access to wheat germ oil or prefer to use another oil other than wheat germ, it is suggested to use all Olive Oil. The 16 oz shaker jar of this formula should provide 32 doses. It will last in the refrigerator for up to one week…maybe longer.







This week’s show with Adam T Gardener…founder and creator of  and visionary/developer of America’s Medicine Wheels…is going to take us on a Journey into what it means to Become Human. Right now…adam’t Shares With Us…that we are using this Precious Gift and Opportunity of Being Human, acting out in behaviors, thoughts and emotions that are a Pale Image of what it means to Be Human. For thousands of years mankind has sought out a Transformation into something Far Beyond the likenesses of being human seen in everyday life.

Once again it’s time to Slow Down…in order to Be Accelerated…into the Eternal Vision of Being Human only AFEW Humans have ever Imagined and Achieved. It’s an Ancient Stirring within us All…to Become Something Greater than what we are currently being. It’s Time to Take the Ride of Your Life into Thoughts of Possibilities few of us ever even consider.






Connecting to the Ancient of Days…Within Us All…



This show with Adam T Gardener…founder and creator of and visionary/developer of America’s Medicine Wheels…is going to take us on a Journey into what it means to Become Human. Right now…adam’t Shares With Us…that we are using this Precious Gift and Opportunity of Being Human, acting out in behaviors, thoughts and emotions that are a Pale Image of what it means to Be Human. For thousands of years mankind has sought out a Transformation into something Far Beyond the likenesses of being human seen in everyday life.