This Page is reserved for biographies and Story from out of the lives of Guests we have had and are having on the Second Genesis Awakening Radio Show. Some of these Friends are Members of our WEE Community while others are just Great Supporters of America’s Second Genesis Awakenings.  
Susan Whiting Shares Her Struggles and Success… 

Susan Whiting was a first generation college graduate. Headed for medical school, she had to cut it short with the demands of children and family. She earned a degree in medical technology. After 20 years of working in that western medicine model, she became disillusioned with the disparity between treatments and results. Going back to school, she obtained a master’s degree in the behavioral health sciences. Seeing a vision inside herself of a Wholeness that didn’t exist in the western science model…armed with greater insights into human behavior and healing…she found her Passion working with University students for a Vision of Wholeness and Wellness that was not available through the standard courses being taught at that time. Susan was a first generation college graduate  headed for medical school.  She had to cut it short with the demands of children and family, earning a degree in medical technology.

Susan Comes Alive with Organic Gardening

Susan Whiting will be sharing frequently her Insights into the magic of her gardening with Debara & Adam’T Gardener on The Second Genesis Awakenings ™ Radio Hour .. & much more
Susan Climbs Sydney Bridge at 70 Years Old… 

And as so many of us have been, Susan found herself struggling with health issues. Seeking out the Garden, she found personal Insights into Healing and Wholeness that now came from a place of Experience through the plant kingdom of life. She’s “on the hot seat” this week Sharing some of her life’s Story of struggles and success. Being a first year baby boomer, born in 1946, you won’t want to miss her Story of climbing the Sidney Harbor Bridge overlooking the Opera House in Australia this past January of 2017. Susan’s 70 and getting younger and stronger every year.  




Rene’ Locklear White, Lumbee Indian Liveat the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Sept 8-9, 2017 A Historical Event

Indigenous, Healing Plant Super~Stars that Heal Prevent Cancer, Control Diabetes and even calm a Bee Sting with our gifted Guest Rene’ Locklear White, Lumbee Indian who is LIVE at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian Sept 8-9, 2017 A Historical Event …   

“It is neither your title nor your name that defines you, but what is written on your heart,”– René White (Feather)   

Rene’ Locklear White White with Dr. Freda Porter Lumbee Tribal Administarot & Cynthia Locklear …  Rene’s Mentor & Surprise Honored Guest is  Lumbee Tribal Administrator Dr. Freda Locklear Porter Scientific Freda Locklear Porter received the 2010 Stellar Award from the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce. Porter was named the 2009 N.C. Minority Business Person of the Year and the 2007 UNCP Business Person of the Year. She was appointed Chairwoman of the North Carolina Advisory Commission on Military Affairs in 2012.

Chris White  
The Truth about Knowledge

 Today we will be exploring with our featured guest Chris WhiteThe three places God and we observer where Science has come a point beyond physical prayer, meditation, voice: speaking also how Water and Food carry Knowledge … Where does this knowledge come from & how can the knowledge from food  water make a difference?

Between 2008-2009 Chris received a prophetic dream of one tribe of people coming together that pleased Great Spirit and reached backward and forward in generations.                 

“One Tribe, One People”

The first of these people would be Native Americans in spirit, but include people from every race, religion and background. The premise is that these people would come to an understanding of the “Native Way” of life:  love and revere the Creator; which includes respecting creation, i.e., “Mother Earth;” and the revelation of “Yeshua,” “Messiah,” “Jesus Christ,” “The Great Mystery,” 



Enjoy this one hour radio show with Chris White from Sanctuary on the Trail…Chris Shares His Insights about “When The Spoken Word Becomes Medicine…”     

Art by Chris

 Sancturay on the trail website 

A Special broadcast on The Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio Show With
Wisdom Story Tellers
our Declaration of Peace

A Special broadcast on The Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio Show With

Host Debara Bruhn Towt … Broadcast December 25th & 26th 2017  & January 1st & 2nd 2018 ….What an Honor & Privileged it is to welcome Our Guest: Deborah Beauvias, Liane Buck, Rene Locklear White,  Linda “BrightHawk” Mooney & Susan Whiting as We welcome you to come be apart of our ceremony as we reconnect with the healthy, Instinctual, visionary attributes of  Storysharing.  In doing this, we retrieve,  examine & discover deeper  Understanding of the  Medicine  we each carry. I am grateful to have with us  women living here in  America Passionately Giving of Service. Today’s Wisdom Story Tellers who are sharing a Second Genesis Awakenings, Manifesto 

Come Join Our Radio Show…just click on the play button below…Enjoy!


Our Celebration with Our Spotlight Guest Violet Laviolette from Our Human Accelerator online Community               


Violet Laviolette is and has always been infinitely curious and passionate about following the lead and call of Spirit in her life. Even as a small child she knew that she was just not like everyone else in the way she saw and heard things. As a lifelong student and participant in many paths of spirituality and human divinity, she has studied and applied her learnings as guides to creating her own life and helping others to also embrace and envision their own divine beauty and greatness. Her emersion into becoming an involved member in many spiritual and belief paths (too numerous to list here) has given her firsthand experience with the various paths of religious and spiritual studies not just through book or seminar applications. She has been blessed to gain understanding how these paths weave together to develop her and her intuitive, empathic and healing gifts. She relies upon the whispers of Spirit for her guidance and direction. Violet has been blessed through her work to have traveled and experienced many amazing things, cultures, people and places.  Yet to her the most amazing of all is helping and encouraging another to awaken to their true divine self.  She is also a Reiki Master, ordained priest in the Order of Melchizedek, Hypnotherapist, Crystal Bowl chant and vibrational worker and amateur herbalist.  Violet has 4 grown children and 6 grandchildren. She is a Buddhist practitioner and serves in her local temple in social outreach, teaching and preparing vegetarian/vegan meals.  There is always more to learn, apply and absorb in order to rise to the next levels of self-realization and being an impactful global family member. As such she looks forward to the continued journey and being open to gathering together all she has learned and experienced into a facilitation and guidance for others seeking to expand their path. You never know where Spirit will lead you if you are open and listen for that special voice and heart promptings.  It’s an amazing journey.


The Hurricane Relief Efforts: Indian Village Response Team  in North Carolina ~ hurricane Florence  2018

Donate to Reduce Suffering for Hurricane Relief Here


We welcome to The Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio show, with host Debara Bruhn Towt. As she Welcome’s, Elders Chris (Comeswithclouds) 

as he share’s with us today sharing his wisdom of What Collective Prayers can do & hands on Awareness into the many ways that we can come together. As we gather together in support of the #Lumbee community in this time of devastation in North Carolina & Blessing All LIFE ….. PRAYERS OF THE CHILDREN … MUCH more …. 

We may have a few surprise also with a dearest guest who joined, us from NC, for the show as we welcomed, Honored Guest Administrator Dr. Freda Locklear Porter for the Lumbee Tribe of NC … A ~ sharing …..


Heart to Heart for all to hear the clarion call …. How we all make a difference … Dr. Freda Porter lives in every breath to serve the people .. We all joined in prayer on the show for clarity and help …

Click here to Listen to Our Broadcast : 

    Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support  ~ The Lumbee tribe of N.C,  in 2019 can still benefit from  our support as to the  devastation  from  2018’s hurricane Florence  

Our Donations are Appreciate in 2019 on going relief ~ Thank you as we together ~  Reduce Suffering for Hurricane Relief Here

The Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina





Deborah Beauvais is the Founder/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network as well as Empowered Connections both created out of love with a vision to consciously serve humanity. Through Empowered Connections Deborah mentors souls to go within to identify their own individual Light, to find unconditional love for self and others. She is the founder of Kids 4 Love, a project and enrichment program that teaches elementary children unconditional love. In addition Deborah Created Kids 4 Love Project Radio Show~ celebrating kids who are making a difference. She is an intuitive and facilitator of Light as a Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™Practitioner trained by Dr. Eric Pearl. Hosting her syndicated radio show Love By Intuition since 2004, Deborah feels the time is now for humanity to awaken to the magnificence of life itself and All That Is. 

“Love by Intuition, the brainchild of Deborah Beauvais, is a remarkable hour apart from a world held spellbound by ego’s definition of love. Though love plays out in so many scenarios, Deborah brings her listeners to an expanded awareness of relationships one interview at a time. Just finding a partner and sticking with them for a lifetime does not make a success of a relationship. Combining her unique counseling and insight with interviews from today’s leading luminaries and relationship specialists, listeners learn relationships are successful only if they provide both parties with a way to keep learning about themselves and the world around them; That all love begins with loving self before it can be reflected from without. Kudos to Beauvais for cracking open the inner heart of the soul!“

– Angelina Heart, author of The Teaching of Little Crow, the journey of the soul



 I was delighted to be a Guest with Host Deborah Beauvais on  her Love By Intuition Radio Show Janurary 2019  with Plant Based Food Tips and Healthy Recipes with 

 on syndicated Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network  Boston & Worldwide  

Tips and Recipes for Organic  Plant based  Diet








We Welcome our miracle friend Logan Fowlke 

who is living a resilient life with a triumphant turn about in living from an Organic Plant Based diet?

A young man with a story of love and hope for us, All… Who is making a Difference !  Thank you for sharing your life with us here on The Our Second Genesis Awakenings™ Radio HourBorn and raised on a vegetarian diet, although my family did have fish and turkey occasionally. But mostly in my younger years my diet consisted of lots of salads, green and vegetable juices and as I got older- fasting and cleansing.I was vegetarian up until I was 17, which is when I got my drivers license. I realized that I had the freedom to drive, go with my friends and get junk food. Then when I was 19 and a half I went to Knoxville TN for a service mission- there is where I indulged in the yummy food of the south. Over the course of 2 years I started noticing a few colds, sore throats and low energy. A few years after returning home, I noticed one morning I woke up and I had a strange pain in my big toe. I didn’t know what this was or what was going on with me. My folks suggested that I clean up my diet- so I did and that seemed to help. But I hadn’t quite learned my lesson, fast forward 8 and a half years later I noticed that my whole body was starting to retain fluid- didn’t know what this was about. A holistic doctor that I had been going to suggested that I take my blood pressure and the results were not pretty so I had my parents take me to the emergency room. After the doctors did some testing they admitted me to the ICU, and by the next morning they informed me that I had stage 4 renal (kidney) failure that was caused from all the years of me suffering from gout and also from having been born with small kidneys.

Right then and there as I was laying in the hospital bed- my father who has always been a strong health advocate challenged me to learn my lesson again about how important it is to follow a plant based diet is and follow a vegan diet. So it has taken time and I still have some work to do, but as I continue to see this getting well through, I do believe that eating a plant based diet is the way to go!!



Enjoy April’s Second Genesis Awakenings
Back by Popular Demand is Our 
Susan’s Humanitarian Garden with ….

April’s Sermon from the Garden

Here’s what Max Whiting loves to do and makes it fun for everyone when he’s not working along with our wonderful guest Susan Whiting who is back by popular demand with an encore. More from their Humanitarian Gardening..A show on Gardening Tips.. Why All Organic Gardening? Prevention. The Class locally that Susan facilitates at the health center is called, The I AM FUNDAMENTALS .. How we use it in our Second Genesis Lives… and much more. After 25 years in Higher Education as a wellness and therapist Susan Whiting retired to working her own land as an organic and humanitarian gardener to give fresh fruits and vegetables to other and teach them how to grow food to restore their own health while reducing pollution on the planet.  listen Here:





The History of Organic with Rodale Institute’s Margaret Wilson

We appreciate and are thrilled to welcome to the show Margaret Wilson sharing with us the history of Organic origins at the Rodale Institute. How can we can Mitigate the Climate change? …She shares what ‘s happening with the many Research projects that are being conducted at the Institute. I have many questions that I know our listeners are asking…





Margaret Wilson who produces written content and handles media inquiries for






Rodale Institute. Margaret earned her B.A. in Political Science/Environmental Studies from Franklin & Marshall College, and her M.A. in Environmental Policy from Lehigh University. Previously, she worked on environmental policy management in both the public and non-profit sectors. 






The Second Genesis Radio hour welcomes to the hr…
31- Day Food Revolution Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great & Transform your word tory Walking Radio Hour Host,
with Ocean Robins  We are honored and thrilled to share a legend living a legacy of Love for our planet sharing a wealth of health for this Nation that is growing stronger ..We welcome our guest Ocean Robbins who is an author the newly released book, 31- Day Food Revolution Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great & Transform your world. He serves as a CEO and cofounder of the 500,000-plus-member food Revolution Network-one of the largest communities of healthy eating advocates on the planet.
Ocean has held hundreds of live seminars and events that have touched millions of lives in 190 nations. His grandfather founded Baskin-Robbins, and his father, John Robbins walked away from the family company to write bestsellers like Diet for a New America and to become a renowned health advocate.
Now, Ocean is on a mission to transform the industrialized food culture into one that celebrates and supports healthy people and a healthy planet. 
Ocean has been featured in TIME, Audubon, USA Today, The New York Times and  The Washington Post and more 
 Bestselling author, 31-Day Food Revolution“Everybody has unique contributions to make to this planet.
There are more than 7 billion parts to play in the transformation of our world, each a unique path, coming out of our histories, our struggles and devastations, and our dreams for the future.
Whatever love, nurturance, opportunities and privileges have been given to us, they’re ours now. In this precious, wild and crazy thing we call our lives, what choices will we make?
What will be our impact upon this planet and upon those with whom we share it?— Ocean Robbins

 The Second Genesis Radio hour with host Debara Bruhn Towt who is Honored and Delighted to welcome to the show  ~Plant Pioneer’s ~ 
“Hidden in Plant Sight” … In Awe !!  Remarkable with the Citizen’s Science ..New discoverer’s for a NEW CONVERSATION … with the Plant Kingdom.
Respect for all Nature and topic: Respect for all of nature organisms/Plant Intelligence/and Music of the Plants .. with featured guest’s

Marguerite Uhlmann-Bower, RN, Clinical Herbalist, Wild Crafter and co-founder of Plant Pioneer 

Bonnie Kavanagh who is a a second generation nurse and herbalist with over 35 years experience in health care &

Barbara Aspland-Wolf Herbalist, Flower Essence Practitioner and Reiki Master/Teacher. She is passionate about her family, organic gardening, plant communication, the outdoors, and photography. Barbara is very active as a Scientist on board with the Board of Plant Pioneer’s with Music of the Plants.

Story Walking Radio Hour Host, Wendy Nadherny Fachon Talks About Empowering Young People, Sustainable Awareness, Ideas and Creativity

You’re in for a treat …WE GIVE THANKS EVERY DAY!

We Welcome …Creative… Sensible… solutions. Let’s engage with Earth… with Spirit… and with one another… heart to heart… to solve problems and co-create more meaningful life stories withWendy Fachon,  Host of the Story Walking Radio Hour is a part of D7RN’s Sustainability Regeneration & Green platform shows

Heart to Heart … Debara & Wendy’s conversation brings about a whole new shift-in spiritual awareness for walking your story and life’s journey … 

Story Walking Radio Hour Host, Wendy Nadherny Fachon empowers young people, by showing how to step forward into each new life learning adventure with clarity, confidence and positive energy. Through the process of Story Walking, Wendy introduces us to the unsung hero of America’s ideal of liberty, Roger Williams. In 1636, Williams became the founding father and guiding light for the small state of Rhode Island. As we express our gratitude in celebrating the independent Spirit of America, we advocate for Williams’s story to be shared and celebrated in American History school curriculum-everywhere .Wendy began her youth work training in the school of life by observing and listening to her own daughter and son as they faced the challenges of growing up with bullying, fickle friends, and tough teachers. When her nephews, aged 5 and 7, lost their father on 9/11, she joined the boys and her sister on their bumpy journey along the road to recovery from deep trauma and upheaval…. 

Learn more about Roger Williams at

Listen Here:

Learn more at, email or call 401529-6830. Connect with Wendy to order copies of FiddlesticksThe Angel Heart or Storywalker Wild Plant Magic Cards.Subscribe to Wendy’s blog Writing with Wendy at Wendy on facebook at

We Welcome back to the Second Genesis Awakenings™

Radio show by Popular demand  Logan Fowlke

Logan Fowlke Our Miracle friend who is living a resilient life in the mist of A life threatening illness while being on Kidney dialysis, weekly Logan shares with us his story of life & how he is living a Triumphant turn about sharing with us his journey of healing, living from a Organic Plant Based Diet . A Young Man who is making a Difference.  This is such an inspiring Show .   You Can contact Logan @ : 





 Michael Schmaeling: Farm Manager, Rodale Institute Resident BeekeeperYour are in for a heart warming show with special Guest Michael Schmaeling as he shares his unique management of Honey Bee’s .. Regenerative Selective Genetic’s .. A rare experience with one who communicates with the bee’s …Michael Schmaeling Founders Campus Farm Manager, Rodale Institute Resident Beekeeper.

Michael manages and maintains the Institute’s treatment-free honeybee conservancy, where he selectively breeds healthy queens to create new colonies. Additionally, he is the manager of the Rodale Institute Founder’s Campus. Michael shares ,” GMO pollen contamination challenges like these heighten Michael’s  determination to strengthen and diversify his families of bees. “I’m not going to focus on why the bees are dying, I’m going to focus on why my bees are surviving”   Listen Here:  









“Labyrinth of the Soul-filled Heart  with

living Soulfully

Janice Brooks   


 Everyone Janice greets feels the electric charge of life that touches & spark’s a soulful recognition that something great is about to happen 

Brooks with her long time Journey of enrichment, is no stranger to Cultural change . Her experience as the former director of  insight and energetic Healing Retreat  programs and CEO  which was on of the Top-3 rated spa’s in the world.   

( Travel & Leisure) Her company, Jan Brooks synergies, offers strategic, communication, public affairs, corporate social responsibility “Labyrinth of the Soul-filled Heart  with ( CSR) analysis, crisis management, constituency, & community advocacy, organizational development training and business diplomacy consultation services, executive and leadership coach, public affairs consultant, journalist,  

professional speaker, community

activist, actor, storyteller and poet who is  currently

 Community Hospice Chaplain as she provides end of life spiritual support and facilitates bedside sacred vigil ceremonies, for dying and and loved ones… 

 She holds a Bachelor of science Degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State She holds a Bachelor of  Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University and a Master’s of Public Affairs from the University of Nevada  Las Vegas. She held a Q-top Secret clearance and was a Security specialist for the Department of Energy for Nine Years.    




Labyrinth of the Soul-filled  This episode, I  Intuitively, invited Janice to come be us for this conversation … Food for our Souls …  all about:

  ~Collective Cultural changeas we experience our world changing ,

(the  seasons of life and nature) … Meanderings on social

transformation which is all about, us…. Our spiritual chrysalis ….blood, bones and breath regulation .. Our Possiblites & Our Opportunities Into what is Essential to move forward with 

Agency & Responsibility .. An Awakening to an intensity ONE of Synergy for 2020 of  HOPE …







Carol Letkey Visionary Founder of The Village of Many Nations sharing stories with us of her hands-on experiences of harmony. Carol lived at the village among the people, the tribes and elders actively engaged with the world visiting the Village of many Nations from countries from all around the world during the Spring, Summer & Fall.  (2000 to 2011)Carol shares her experiences of hope inspired by great spirit every day, as the Native American’s shared their stories and dances and arts and crafts, walks to the medicine wheel & much more.  learning tp build hogans, wickups with Tipi’s  … Being Taught by the elder.. Many who are now gone….

In the second half of the show Susan Whiting shares with us  what we lovingly call the Organic Humanity Gardens

Women who take action and live from the heart ..  Debara has questions about what is happening now in their communities? ~ Susan with Organic Gardening feeding 100 families & Carol share ways to reach out in Covid-19 to families In Navajo & Hopi communities,  The Hopi Outreach program ..How can we help ?  Women reaching out to touch hearts with Spiritual food and food to sustain our bodies …Susan said ” more people are doing good then is reported on the news.”… KIND ACTS  …Carol Said,” Make New friends, but always keep the old freinds  for one is silver and the other is gold.“Let us always keep making a positive difference with our families .. each other and in are communities…Stay Safe .. Blessings to you all… Thank you Great Creator !!!

Here is where you can give to feed a family … Mike Sweat ..

Hopi OutReach 

 For 25 years, I have been going to Hopi land at Christmas time. We have delivered many semi loads each year helping the elderly and those in need. Due to the fact that the Hopi tribe has been hit hard with the Covid we will not be doing our Hopi Outreach in person this year. Instead, we will be delivering food coupons for the elderly. Our goal is to have 200 elderly families receive $70 worth of food that they can redeem at McGee‘s Trading Post on the Hopi reservation.  We are about halfway there and I am asking for any donation that you can possibly make to help an elderly. In order to succeed we need your help. Many thanks, in advance for all those who have helped in the past and for all the volunteers that have come each year and gave up their time and money to help those in need. To pay with PayPal please go to our website



 February ~ March  2021

  HOPE     HEALTH     HAPPINESS  =       Harmony Series 

Debara welcomes to the hour lovely guest & friend, Katherine Scott to share with us her inspiring, Journey of Healing, Plant based diet and much more….


New episode:  KathrineI was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 1996. Called after Thomas Hodgkin who was a British pathologist who first described this “disease” in the early 1800’s.On that day I had no idea what Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was or that it was a type of “cancer”. I soon learned quite quickly. There was an urgency in the doctor’s recommendation that I meet with another member of staff who will detail my options to me. And for them there was only one option, which was chemotherapy.The mention of cancer frightened me and from that day until I read Ann Wigmore’s book “The Wheatgrass Book” I lived in fear.I began treatment shortly afterwards and the effects of that first treatment rendered me weak and in awful pain.

I didn’t know back then that the chemotherapy they injected me with was not curing me but instead adding to my clogged up lymphatic system. Because that is what my problem was…..A Blocked up Lymphatic System!The information about the raw and living food diet and wheat grass juice in Ann Wigmore’s book was so compelling and rang so true to me, I immediately adopted the program. As I experienced the diet and practiced the detoxification techniques, I experienced an extraordinary feeling of well being. At that point, I lost all fear of the disease returning and found unbounded hope based on a new-found knowledge and direct experience.Since that time, I have studied more about health and my confidence in the body healing itself has grown tremendously, provided you give it the foods that the human body is designed for, which is foods from the garden.  Particularly fruits and greens in their natural state.

I taught healthy eating classes for eight years demonstrating recipes that didn’t need cooking. I ran a Raw Food Retreat center for awhile where people came and stayed for a week or more.  I am passionate about helping people back to health. It is not a chore for me as I love it! I am from South West Ireland. Grew up on a farm for first part of my life.  Lived for 9 years in Dublin city, 16 years in London and I have been living in Utah since 2007. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.”

Enjoy listening now :